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Připojen: 12/06/2008

Hi,all my friends,I sincerely invite you to visit our sudoku website,
It's the biggest sudoku community website in China. Besides plenty of high-quality standard sudokus and many kinds of variants to be practised on line, the website provide multi-play of different difficulty classic sudokus and several variants. You can invite any registered sudokufans member to play with you,one multi-played sudoku could be played online by unlimited players(>10 is available).
We own a sudoku discussion QQ(a famous chat software in China) group.If you want to contact with us,at first,you need download the QQ software on And then, you need join our QQ group,which number is 4865277. Many top level Chinese sudoku players are in the group,so join us,and challenge us!
If you have any problem when you visit the website,please let me know as soon as possible.My email Your advice can make the website better.
Thank you!

Připojen: 12/06/2008
New English version now!

We made a new English version, the link is, and I'd like to introduce some online solving features.

1) Multi Player ( )
Several players can solve same sudoku and see how they rank against each other. (yes, I know some other sites have this for Classic Sudoku, but not "free").
Here you can choose any of 30+ variations as well.

2) Cooperation - Solve Sudoku Together ( )
In this game, two players (partners) solve one sudoku together.

3)Touch screen - You can play all puzzles by Pad.

4)Upload image from your computer - We will make a table for your sudoku image, it will be easier to solve online.(

The online solving interface is neat, most of the text are in English. So lots of fun.

Be forewarned : It is bit addictive.

Registration is required, but it is free and harmless Smile

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Sudokufans URL

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