You can still play Archive puzzles on this site.

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Připojen: 08/22/2019

Due to Flash not working, this site has stopped working.

But you can still make this site work, and at least play from the huge bank of Archives puzzles on this site.

I have tried it and it is working, so sharing with you all.

- Download and install an older version of Flash, that doesn't update. Version 29 is works good that I am using now. and when you install it, change the settings to "Never check for updates".

- Download any older browser . Palemoon any version works good, I am using v32.3.1-x64 now.

in that browser open this site, login to your account, go to Daily League - Archive page from left column menu. Select an old date. Once you have selected a date through calendar, you can then onward just type out another date, instead of going through the tedious navigation of calendar month by month. So select Today's date in first go, then just type any older year, say 2019, and click select button. That date's puzzle page will open and you can choose and play.

information taken from:

Hope it was helpful to all of you.
To Admin: Dear sir, now that a tried, tested and working method of making this site has been told to all, please consider starting giving daily puzzles once again. I am sure your fans would love to play at your site again.